MSE are looking for amazing young talent
My Student Events is looking for highly talented Guernsey-based 16-18 year-olds to create and present our amazing new media.

You'll be part of our young team delivering innovative breakthrough content, including live and location broadcasts. This role will be flexible, creative and exhilarating. You might have a performance or media background or just be an unsung talent.
The type of people we are looking for

What's your first name? *

Hi {{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}. What's your last name?

Are you a Guernsey resident? *

This is a requirement for this role
Do you have a telephone number? *

We may need to contact you at short notice
{{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}, what are you doing at the moment? *

Where? *

Which school, college or other?
What's your date of birth? *

You need to be 16 years-old by May 1 2018
Do you have a driving licence?

This is not essential so don't worry!

{{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}, please rate your skills in the following areas.

Creativity *

Presenting skills *

Working in a team *

Working under pressure *

Finally, technical skills *

Using software, technical equipment etc.

{{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}, tell us, in one sentence, why you would be an outstanding talent at MSE? *

Write a bit about things that you've done and achieved that makes you stand out *

Do you have any social media pages or channels which highlight your skills? (don't worry this is optional)

We need people who can work flexible hours including some evenings and weekends. Is that you? *

{{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}, How do you feel about working on or presenting live media broadcasts? *

Now, please read the following statement:

"I may be young but I can still change the world"

What do you think of it?

Tell us why you scored it a {{answer_TFRePgbqTJO9}}

{{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}, what have you done so far that you are most proud of? *

It can be anything, we're not scoring
Finally {{answer_zL1PHrvYA1iG}}, would you be available for interviews and audition sessions over the weekend of April 21 and 22 2018?

Done. We'll be in touch. Good luck!
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